(1) Europe-Korea Conference (EKC) 2014 (July 2014, Vienna, Austria)
(Poster) Yuljae Cho et al., “Hybrid optoelectric device based on graphene and colloidal quantum dots by a transfer printing method”. Best Poster Awards

​​(2) European Materials Research Society (EMRS) 2016 (September 2016, Warsaw, Poland)
(Poster) Yuljae Cho et al., “Enhanced energy harvesting based on surface morphology engineering of P(VDF-TrFE) film

(3) European Nanoelectronic Forum 2016 (November 2016, Rome, Italy)
(Project Dissemination) Yuljae Cho et al., “Multi-Sensor-Platform for Smart Building Management”.

(4) Europe-Korea Conference (EKC) 2017 (July 2017, Stockholm, Sweden)
(Oral) Yuljae Cho, “Enhanced ferroelectric property of P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) film using room temperature crystallization for high performance ferroelectric device applications”.

(5) Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall 2018 (November 2018, Boston, USA)
(Oral) Yuljae Cho, “Enhanced Charge Carrier Transport Assisted by a Piezoelectric Effect in a Flexible Quantum Dot Solar Cell”.

(6) International Congress on Ceramics (ICC8) 2021 (April 2021, Busan, Korea)
​(Invited Speaker) Yuljae Cho, “Textile Fiber-Based Triboelectric Energy Harvesting for Self-Powered Wearable Electronics”