Ph. D. (9) 

Dongxiang Yan (闫东翔), Apr. 2017~Jun. 2021, Ph.D. degree

Whereabouts: China southern power grid, Guangzhou

Field: Energy Management, Email

Jibin Song (宋继斌), Sep. 2016~Jun. 2021, Ph.D. degree

Whereabouts: Startup co-founder (Nanjing Efficient Power for Intelligent Computing Co., Ltd)

Field: Wireless Power Transfer, Email

Amuri (阿莫李), Sep. 2016~Mar. 2020, Ph.D. degree

Whereabouts: Polytechnique Montréal, Canada (postdoc)

Field: Energy Management Homepage

Shuangke Liu (刘双可), Sep. 2013~Sep. 2018, Ph.D. degree

Whereabouts: SGR Semiconductors Inc., Shanghai

Field: Wireless Power Transfer

Ming Liu (刘明), May 2014~Mar. 2017, Ph.D. degree

Whereabouts: Princeton University, USA (postdoc)

Field: Wireless Power Transfer | PDF CV

He Yin (尹赫), Sep. 2012~Jun. 2017, Ph.D. degree

Whereabouts: University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA (postdoc)

Field: 1. Energy Management; 2. Wireless Power Transfer | PDF CV

Chen Zhao (赵晨), Sep. 2011~Jun. 2016, Ph.D. degree

Whereabouts: UAES, Bosch China, Shanghai

Field: Energy Management

Yue Qiao (乔越), Sep. 2010~Mar. 2016, Ph.D. M.S. degrees

Whereabouts: AVIAGE Systems, A Joint Venture between GE and AVIC, Shanghai

Field: Motion Control | Homepage

Minfan Fu (傅旻帆), Sep. 2010~Mar. 2016, Ph.D. M.S. degrees

Whereabouts: Shanghai Tech (Assistant Professor); Virginia Tech, USA (postdoc), 2016-2018.

Field: Wireless Power Transfer Homepage | Research [ENG] [CHN]| CV [ENG] [CHN]

 M. S. (15) 

Yipin Wu (吴一品), Sep. 2018~Jun. 202,  M.S. degree

Whereabouts: SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., Shanghai

Field: Wireless Power Transfer, Email

Juanting Xu (许娟婷), Sep. 2017~Mar. 2020, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: Huawei, Shanghai

Field: Energy Management

Yang Shen (沈洋), Sep. 2016~Mar. 2019, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: China UnionPay, Shanghai

Field: Motion Control and Vehicle Dynamics 

Peng Sun (孙鹏), Sep. 2016~Mar. 2019, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: Ctrip, Shanghai

Field: Motion Control and Vehicle Dynamics 

Songyang Han (韩松阳), Sep. 2015~Mar. 2018, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: University of Connecticut, USA (Ph.D. student)

Field: Energy Management

Yandong Wang (王艳东), Sep. 2015~Mar. 2018, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: Huawei, Shanghai

Field: Energy Management

Xinhong Fu (付信宏), Sep. 2015~Mar. 2018M.S. degree

Whereabouts: UAES, Bosch China, Shanghai

Field: Wireless Power Transfer

Siyu Peng(彭思雨), Sep. 2015~Mar. 2018, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: Qualcomm, Shenzhen

Field: Wireless Power Transfer

Zefan Tang (唐泽帆), Sep. 2014~Mar. 2017, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: University of Connecticut, USA (Ph.D. student)

Field: Wireless Power Transfer

Fahad Raza, Sep. 2014~Mar. 2017, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: Tohoku University, Japan (Ph.D. student)

Field: Motion Control and Vehicle Dynamics | Homepage

Chuantang Xiong (熊川樘), Oct. 2013~Mar. 2016, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: DJI (Shenzhen)

Field: Electric Vehicle Dynamics

Tong Zhang (张统), Oct. 2012~Mar. 2015, M.S. degree 

Whereabouts: Huawei (Shenzhen)

Field: Wireless Power Transfer

Yang Xu (许阳), Oct. 2012~Mar. 2015, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: Volkswagen (Shanghai)

Field: Electric Vehicle Dynamics | Homepage

 Lu Liu (刘璐), Oct. 2011~Mar. 2014, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: National Instruments (Shanghai)

Field: Electric Vehicle Dynamics

Lin Zhou (周麟), Oct. 2011~Mar. 2014, M.S. degree

Whereabouts: ABB (Shanghai)

Field: Motion Control | CV in PDF