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Catalytic Activation of Methane via Heterogeneous Catalysis                                 

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Enzyme-Inspired Transition Metal Oxide Catalysts Design

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Novel Nanostructured Transition Metal Oxides for C1 Catalysis.                                                                    

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Novel Nanostructured Transition Metal Oxides for C1 Catalysis.                                                            

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Direct Z-scheme Photocatalytic Water Splitting over an α-Fe2O3-Cu2O Heterojunction with Ultrafast Interfacial Charge Transfer.

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Revisiting CO Coupling reaction with Methyl Nitrite over Pd/α-Al2O3 catalyst: Mechanism and Kinetics

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Mars Van Krevelen Catalytic Methane Combustion Via Formate Intermediates over Hematite: Atomistic Surface Studies and DFT.

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Novel Nanostructured Transition Metal Oxides for Catalysis.

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  2D Transition Metal Oxide Nanomaterials for (Photo)catalytic applications.