Welcome to Green Catalysis Lab

Towards a Zero-Carbon Future

Today, 85-90% of the product manufacturing processes involve at least one catalytic step, from the food on our dining table such as cheese and bread, to the cleaning of contact lenses, laundry detergents, etc. Overall, catalysis contributes to more than 35% of the global GDP from the petroleum sector, to energy production, chemical production, and the food industry. With the rapid growth of the global population, the role of catalysis becomes more and more vital in the worldwide collective efforts to meet an increasingly high demand for energy (29.5 billion TOE by 2100). Nevertheless, consensus must be reached that the world’s economic booming should never come at the expense of exacerbating environmental stress. Our research group aims to implement novel catalytic strategies for green energy production and environmental applications, such as greenhouse gases methane and carbon dioxide conversion to value-added products, catalytic combustion for emission control, photothermal catalysis, etc. Our primary research interests include:

  • Controlled syntheses of novel catalytic metal/metal oxide nanostructures and characterizations ;
  • Structure-property relationship understandings through systematic experimental studies;
  • Mechanistic and surface studies with in situ techniques and first-principles calculations;
  • Methane and carbon dioxide catalytic conversions through thermal and photocatalytic techniques.
  • Catalyst design via Artificial Intelligence


We’re currently looking for several highly motivated undergraduates, master students, PhD students, and postdocs. 本课题组长期招收博士后人员。

Please contact Dr. He at yulian.he@sjtu.edu.cn for more information