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PerkinElmer GCMS, which can realize the combined use of GCMS and separate online detection and analysis of reaction tail gas.

2. Fully Automatic Chemisorption Instrument

The device is a multifunctional programmed temperature chemisorption instrument that can realize experiments such as TPD/TPR/TPO/TPSR/HOT/customized experimental procedures. It can also realize the combination of TCD-MS to analyze the temperature program more accurately chemical information in the process. The temperature operating range is -150~1100°C, which can realize ultra-low temperature adsorption and desorption.

3. Photothermal Catalytic Evaluation of Fixed Bed Devices

The photothermal catalytic fixed bed device can realize the performance evaluation of photothermal synergistic reaction, photothermal reaction, thermal reaction and photoreaction. Equipped with a fully automatic software control system, it can display the reaction furnace temperature, gas flow rate, reaction temperature, heating wire temperature and other information in real time, and record the relevant time curve in real time.

4. Batch Reactor

The reactor is suitable for thermal catalytic high pressure reaction, photo/photothermal catalytic high pressure reaction field.