Fundamental Research (Engineering Mechanics)

We are interested in the mechanics of transformable mechanical metamaterials – what is the underlying physics of the mechanical behavior and transformation? We use classical and non-classical continuum mechanics-based approaches to describe the mechanical response of metamaterials. Nonlinear constitutive behaviors, instability, and elasto-dynamic properties of metamaterials are our particular interest.

Applied Research (Mechanical Engineering)

With a solid background of the fundamental mechanics, we are also interested in the design and manufacturing of metamaterials with 3D/4D printing. Direct Ink Writing (DIW), Stereolithography (SLA), and Digital Light Processing (DLP) based 3D printing with functional materials are our particular interest.  We often use ideas from Origami/Kirigami structures combined with nonlinear mechanics and multi-materials for the design of 4D printing.  The correlation of “materials-mesostructures-properties-functions” is a key design concept for the various applications – engineering structures, biomedical implants, functional devices for aerospace and automotive industries, etc.