Director – Prof. Jaehyung “Joshua” Ju

After undergraduate degree, Prof. Ju has earned various research experience for ~ 20 years in mechanics, design, and manufacturing – CAD/CAM software engineering, machine vision system engineering, multi-axis CNC machining, composite materials, mechanics and design of airless tires, biomedical implants, 3D/4D printing – polymers and metals, mechanics and design of metamaterials. 


Graduate Research Assistants

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Kai Xiao
Ph.D. program
Modular origami, kinematics, solid mechanics, computational design

Bihui Zou,
Ph.D. program
4D printing, mechanical metamaterial


Zhipeng Liu,
Ph.D. Program (with M.S.)
Nonpneumatic tires, structural mechanics, nonlinear solid mechanics

Zihe Liang,
Master Program
Nonpneumatic tires,
3D & 4D printing

Dijia Zhong,
Ph.D. Program
4D printing,
Nonpneumatic tires, structural mechanics
Yuhao Wang, Ph.D. Program, Nonpneumatic tires, Vibration analysis.    



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Zhiming Cui
Ph.D. program
Mechanical Metamaterials, Lattice Structures, Motion Structure,

Song Chao, M. S.

Thermal reconfigurable structures. 

Current position:

PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Yuan Zhihao, M.S.

Lattice structure, mechanical metamaterial, elastic wave propagation. 

Current position:
Research engineer
Nuclear Power Institute of China (China National Nuclear Corporation).

Hyeonu.Heo@unt.eduHyeonu Heo, Ph.D.

Mechanical metamaterials, phononic crystals,

Current position: Postdoc and Adjunct Professor at University of North Texas


Jiwon Mun, Ph.D.
Manufacturing of lattice materials, Indirect 3D printing
Current position:
Associate Manager
SC Johnson, Wisconsin

Md Salah Uddin, Ph.D.
Multiscale modeling, molecular dynamics
Current position:
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Permian Basin