Postdocs (Chinese preferred, Ph.D. holder from a University in China)

We are looking for a highly qualified postdoc to work in the area of mechanical metamaterials. The ideal candidate will help Prof. Ju secure research funding opportunities in China, conduct both independent and supervised research, perform tasks on experimental, theoretical, and modeling/simulation projects, write reports, submit deliverables to sponsors, publish papers, work in a collaborated team environment, assist in supervising graduate and undergraduate students, and proposal preparation. The position requires excellent writing and oral communications skills both in English and Chinese, computational mechanics, CAD drawing with SolidWorks, FE simulation with ABAQUS, and fabrication with 3D printing.  Only applicants with a strong academic background, a track record of high-quality research demonstrated by publications in high ranked journals, and relevant experience to the areas listed above will be considered.

Graduate Research Assistants (Ph.D. Program – Engineering Mechanics)

We are looking for highly self-motivated graduate students who will work on solid mechanics and dynamics of metamaterials.  Persons who have an excellent mechanics/math background, ABAQUS simulations, MATLAB programming skills, experimental skills are highly encouraged to apply.

Graduate Research Assistants (Master’s Program – Mechanical Engineering)

We are looking for highly self-motivated graduate students who can build 3D/4D printers, robotics, and other experimental devices. Persons who have excellent hands-on skills in robotics with micro-controllers, sensors, and actuators are highly encouraged to apply.  Excellent programming skills are plus in this position.