Undergraduate Courses

VM455/ME4550J: Introduction to Data-driven Engineering Design 数据驱动工程设计导论 


Introduction to the fundamental theories and techniques of data-driven engineering design, extracting insights from large datasets to support decision-making in product/system design, quantitative methods for customer preference modeling, discrete choice analysis, data analysis and visualization, text mining, supervised/unsupervised learning, deep/reinforcement learning, network analysis; model evaluation, validation and improvement.

PREREQUISITES: Vg100, Vg101, Vm250


Offered terms: Fall semesters

VM250/ME2500J: Design and Manufacturing I 设计与制造 I


Introduce students the complexity of engineering practice and to follow the development of an idea from its conception to the construction of a prototype; Develop the technical skills necessary to generate an engineering drawing with appropriate dimensions, tolerances, and specifications, and an engineering assembly, using free-hand sketching and a modern CAD system; Introduce basic mechanical elements and materials and learn the practice and limitations of basic prototyping and manufacturing tools.

PREREQUISITES: VV156 or VV186, VG100, VM010 or VM020


Offered terms: Summer semesters


Graduate Courses

VM583/ME6801J: Manufacturing Processes and Systems 制造过程与系统 


This course aims to introduce students the modeling and analysis methods in modern manufacturing processes and systems as well as the fundamental concepts and technologies in smart manufacturing. Topics covered include:


(1) Modeling & analysis of manufacturing processes, including solidification, deformation (elastic & plastic), material removal and joining, and additive manufacturing.

(2) Modeling & analysis of manufacturing systems, including building blocks of manufacturing systems, quality control, economic models and optimization of manufacturing systems, lean manufacturing.

(3) Fundamentals of smart manufacturing system, including Internet of Things (IOT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), predictive maintenance, digital twins, cloud manufacturing, smart factory.

PREREQUISITES: Courses related to Statistical Methods


Offered terms: Fall semesters