Meet the Entrepreneurs: John Wu

John Wu is the Founder and Chairman of H&F Fund Management Group. In his early years, he joined Oracle and engaged in the research and development of core technologies. In April 1996, he went to Yahoo and led its search and e-commerce technology engineering team. He was the chief designer of the highly-efficient Yahoo! Inc.’s search engine and many other applications, and he also took charge of designing the very basis of Yahoo’s e- commerce software system and holds a patent in core technologies of the search engine, awarded in 1999. In 2000, he joined Alibaba Group as one of the angel investors and took office as CTO of Alibaba in USA, after which he devoted in the management after the merge of Alibaba and Yahoo China.


In 2008, he switched to venture investment as a venture partner and joined Northern Light Venture Capital, focusing in the field of TMT (Technology, Media, Telecommunications). In 2014, John was elected as “China’s Annual Angel Investor of 2014” by The New Billions. John studied dynamics in the Department of Physics in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and received Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Michigan in 1989. In October 2015, he established with his wife Jane Sun (CEO of Shanghai Jiao Tong University John Wu and Jane Sun Endowment to boost JI’s long-term growth.