Entrepreneurial Education

Why Minor in Entrepreneurship in JI?

  • To encourage students to learn business skills to be attractive to employers after completing their degrees
  • To support students to start their own businesses, as per the policies of the Chinese Government and support from businesses
  • Strong interest in Entrepreneurship amongst students, alumni and sponsors
  • UM also has top US Entrepreneurship Programs, such as I Corps of NSF/NIH in CFE/CoE
  • JI engineering programs expected to become more attractive with this minor (especially to international students)
  • Complements the JI Capstone Project program and gives students an opportunity to learn intrapreneurship from companies based on their cultures, processes and values

Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship

  • Total 15 Credits
  • 2 Core Courses
    1. BUS4200J (VX420) Entrepreneurships Basics (3 credits)
    2. BUS4020J (VX402) Managing a Business (2 credits)
  • At least 6 Credits of Practicum Courses
    1. VM/VE/VG450 Capstone Design or equivalent (3 or 4 credits, compulsory)
    2. VX423 Intrapreneurship (3 credits, offered in Spring) Or, BUS4250J (VX425)-Technology Entrepreneurship (3 credits, offered in Fall) Or, VE441 App Development for Entrepreneurs (4 credits, offered in Summer)
    3. Extra credits may be counted towards the Elective
  • At least 3 credits of Elective from VX203, VX251, VX351, VX421, VX422, VX440, VR208, VF457, VG441, PSY3110J, BUS2551J, BUS2550J
  • A complete list is maintained at the JI Undergraduate Education Office or check here
  • Other requirements
    1. Sophomore standing and above (prefer junior and senior levels)
    2. Declared major
    3. A grade of C or better in any course of the minor
    4. A minor should be declared before graduation
    5. Transfer courses accepted for the Electives

Suggested Path for Minor

  • Core Courses (5 Credits)
    1. BUS4200J (VX420) Entrepreneurships Basics (3 credits): Freshman or Sophomore Summer
    2. BUS4020J (VX402) Managing a Business (2 credits): Freshman, Sophomore or Junior Summer

    Note: It is possible to take BUS4200J (VX420) in Junior summer and BUS4020J (VX402) in Junior or Senior summer but since BUS4200J (VX420) is a foundation course for Entrepreneurship Minor and also a prerequisite for VX423 ,it is recommended to take this course as early as possible.

  • Practicum Courses (3 Credits, not counting Capstone Design Course which is compulsory for JI students)
    • VX423 Intrapreneurship (3 credits): Junior or Senior Spring
    • OR

    • VE449 Mobile Applications for Entrepreneurs (3 credits): Junior or Senior Fall
    • OR

    • BUS4250J (VX425)-Technology Entrepreneurship (3 credits): Sophomore and above
  • Electives (3 Credits)

    Any time, as there is a wide range of courses that count towards entrepreneurship minor electives. Any Entrepreneurship related courses (including social entrepreneurship) from exchange program will also be considered for elective requirement.