Research areas

  1. Development of high-fidelity numerical methods, multiscale and multiphysical models, and scale-bridging methodologies for multidisciplinary research.
  2. High-fidelity multi-physics modelling and analysis of multiphase combustion process.
  3. Computational materials design based on high-throughput simulations and data mining
  4. Accelerating computation-demanding applications using GPU, FPGA, or heterogeneous architecture.


We strive for utilizing heterogeneous cloud high-performance parallel computer platforms in numerical modeling research involving multi-scale and multi-physics. My lab focus on emerging researches including turbulent multi-phase flows and combustion, flow-structure interactions, membrane/porous transport, and renewal fuels areas.

Multi-scale modeling techniques, including molecular dynamics, coarse grained molecular dynamics and phase field models are utilized to understand atomistic mechanics and structural transitions of low-dimensional materials. Computational frameworks combining with machine learning are constructed to accelerate the exploration of novel materials and optimize materials synthesis pathways.

Our research focuses on combining computational materials science, solid state physics, thermodynamics, and chemistry to understand fundamental and critical materials problems in high-impact applications; applying high-throughput materials simulations, data-mining, and experiments to speed up new materials development; developing new algorithms or tools for materials simulations.