Robotics Autonomy and Planning Lab (机器人自主规划实验室)

We are part of the UM-SJTU Joint Institute at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). The lab is directed by Prof. Zhongqiang (Richard) Ren.

We research Robotics, Autonomy and Planning, with the focus on fundamental motion planning and path planning problems for single and multiple robots. We leverage and advance the frontier of motion planning, multi-agent path planning, combinatorial search and optimal control. These problems are often NP-hard, and our research exploits the underlying structure of these problems to develop algorithms that balance between runtime efficiency and solution quality with rigorous guarantees, while being deployable to physical robots. These problems arise in warehouse logistics, manufacturing and search-and-rescue. For more information, please visit our Github Page


我们研究机器人学,自主系统,智能规划,尤其关注单机器人和多机器人中的运动规划和路径规划问题。我们的研究利用运动规划,多机器人路径规划,组合搜索,最优控制等领域的相关技术,同时推动这些领域的发展。我们研究的问题在计算复杂度上往往是NP-hard问题。我们的研究利用这些问题中的结构来设计算法,平衡计算速度和求解质量,提供严格的理论保证,并最终部署在实体机器人上。我们研究的问题广泛存在于仓储物流,智慧生产,搜索救援等应用中。 更多信息,请浏览这里

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