9. Motherboard

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If you want to use the dataset or scripts on this page, please cite the following paper.

Y. Li, G. Wang, G. Song, M. Xu, J. Jiang, and C. Han, “Wideband Channel Measurement and Characterization on a Computer Motherboard,” in Proc. of IEEE Global Communications Conference Workshops(GLOBECOM Wkshps), pp. 1040-1045,Dec. 2022.


The THz measurement campaign is conducted on a computer motherboard. There are many components on the motherboard, mainly including center processing unit (CPU), graphical processing unit (GPU), memory chips, among others. Three measurement cases are investigated, namely the LoS, NLoS and RNLoS cases, which are introduced in detail as follows.

Measurement Deployment

Frequency100-140 GHz
# PositionLoS*12, NLoS*42
# CIR54*2001
Distance0.16-0.3 m
Tx height0.02 m
Rx height0.02 m

Data Visualization​