7. Meeting room

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If you want to use the dataset or scripts on this page, please cite the following paper.

Y. Chen, Y. Li, C. Han, Z. Yu, and G. Wang, “Channel Measurement and Ray-Tracing-Statistical Hybrid Modeling for Low-Terahertz Indoor Communications,” in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 20, no. 12, pp. 8163-8176, Dec. 2021.


We carry out the channel measurement in a typical meeting room with an area of 10.15 m × 7.9 m and a ceiling height of 4 m. In the meeting room, a 4.8 m × 1.9 m desk with a height of 0.77 m is placed in the center, and eight chairs are around the desk, as shown in Fig. 2a. In addition, two TVs are closely placed in front of a wall. The material of one wall is glass, while the other three are limestones. We notice that the maximum detectable path length imposed by the measurement system is 30 m, which is three times the dimension of the meeting room. As a result, reflected paths with at most three-order reflection can be recorded in our measurement.

Measurement Deployment

Frequency 130-143 GHz
# Position LoS*21
# CIR 21*36*5
Distance 1.4-7 m
Tx height 2 m
Rx height 1.4 m

Data Visualization​