2. Lobby

Related Paper

If you want to use the dataset or scripts on this page, please cite the following paper.

Y. Wang, Y. Li, Y. Chen, Z. Yu, and C. Han, “300 GHz Wideband Channel Measurement and Analysis in a Lobby”, in Proc. of IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), Toronto, Canada, Sept. 2023.


The measurement campaign is conducted in the lobby on the ground floor of the Longbin building on the SJTU campus. The major area is the rectangular environment in front of the stairs with more than 500 m2, including a glass revolving gate on the north, four symmetrically distributed pillars in the middle, and one LED screen on the south. Two narrow corridors are extended to the west and east, respectively.

Measurement Deployment

Frequency 306-321 GHz
# Position LoS*18, NLoS*3
# CIR 21*36*5
Distance 7.1-18.9 m
Tx height 2.5 m
Rx height 2 m

Data Visualization​