3. L-shaped hallway

Related Paper

If you want to use the dataset or scripts on this page, please cite the following paper.

Y. Wang, Y. Li, Y. Chen, Z. Yu, and C. Han, “0.3 THz Channel Measurement and Analysis in an L-shaped Indoor Hallway,” in Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), pp. 1–6, Jun. 2022.


The hallway is on the second floor of the Longbin Building in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The scenario mainly consists of two perpendicular corridors, connected by a corner. The long corridor is 2.97 m wide and 32.53 m long, including two 3 m long extensions at both ends. Indented offices are distributed along the corridor, whose depth is about 0.6 m with doors closed. The other corridor is 7 m wide which extends all the way to the left end.

Measurement Deployment

Frequency306-321, 356-371 GHz
# PositionLoS*4, NLoS*14
# CIR2*18*36*5
Distance7.7-23.8 m
Tx height2 m
Rx height1.75 m


Data Visualization