6. Data center

Related Paper

If you want to use the dataset or scripts on this page, please cite the following paper.

G. Song, Y. Li, J. Jiang, C. Han, Z. Yu, Y. Du, and Z. Wang, “Channel Measurement and Characterization at 140 GHz in a Wireless Data Center,” in Proc. of IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), pp. 4764-4769, Dec. 2022.


The measurement campaign locates in a data center on the second floor of 3G Building in China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Plenty of rack servers are placed in the data center, which are divided into ten columns of racks with around 1 m aisles between two columns. Besides, there is a 2.5 m wide corridor in the north direction of all the racks, where two concrete pillars are built.

Measurement Deployment

Frequency 130-140 GHz
# Position LoS*16, NLoS*12
# CIR 23*36*5+3*36*4
Distance 3-8 m
Tx height 2 m
Rx height 1.6 m

Data Visualization​