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Y. Li, Y. Wang, Y. Chen, Z. Yu, and C. Han, “Channel Measurement and Analysis in an Indoor Corridor Scenario at 300 GHz,” in Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), pp. 1–6, Jun. 2022.


The corridor is on the second floor of the Longbin Building in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Both sides of the corridor are furnished with glass walls. To connect pieces of glass together, metal pillars are installed on the glass walls. The separation distance between the consecutive metal pillars is around 1.26 m. Laboratory rooms lie on both sides of the corridor, furnished with wooden doors with width around 0.93 m. Moreover, an around 7 m-long segment of the walls on the southern side is covered with wood. Besides, the concrete walls are on both ends of the corridor.

Measurement Deployment

Frequency306-321 GHz
# PositionLoS*21, NLoS*3
# CIR24*36*5
Distance5.1-31.2 m
Tx height2.5 m
Rx height2 m

Data Visualization