Welcome to Laboratory for Charge Transport in Solids!


Ions and electrons are the key charge carriers that governs the performance in energy conversion devices, such as fuel cells, electrolyzers and solar cells. To improve the material properties such as the ionic conductivity or electronic conductivity, in our lab, we develop and use experimental techniques to understand the correlation between the material structure and the fundamental charge carrier behaviors. The new knowledge paves the way for rational design of novel materials for low cost-high efficiency devices. Our current research interests include:

  • Proton conductivity in ceramic fuel cell electrolytes
  • Charge carrier transport in semiconductors and electrodes
  • In-situ spectroscopic methods for material chemistry and physics

We welcome motivated postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate students to contact us for opening positions! Interested? Please contact qianli.chen@sjtu.edu.cn.


  • 陶瓷燃料电池电解质中的质子传导
  • 半导体与电极材料中的电荷载流子传输
  • 材料物理与化学原位光谱表征方法


A sincere salute to the Grotthuss mechanism