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Refereed Conference or symposium proceeding publications:

1. P. Zhao, L. Wang*, N. Chakraborty, Flame-Wall Interaction in Premixed Reactive Turbulence, July 31-Aug 4. 2017, Boston, USA, 26th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems
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    • names with * means the corresponding author for the multi-author cases
    • names with underlines are the graduated students (co)supervised by me.


Communications, letters or notes in publications:

1. Geometrical properties of small scale turbulence, N. Peters, L.Wang, J.P. Mellado, J.H. Goebbert, M.Gauding, P. Schaefer and M. Gampert, John von Neumann Institute for computing NIC symposium 2010 Proceedings, 24-25: P365-371, February 2010, Juelich, Germany

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