Intelligent Control Strategies and Methods


Develop and implement intelligentoptimization basedcontrol methods and controllers considering the uncertainty in measurements and experiments; focus on systems with dynamic behaviors, like blown-down wind tunnels, e-drive motors, etc. 



Xiang Liu, Ruixiang Zheng

Engineering Application I

Control strategy development for supersonic blowdown wind tunnel

Facility in the areo-lab:


  • Regulate the gas pressure in the test section to the setpoint
  • Maximize the usage of the compressed air the storage tank and exted the test time as much as possible

Challegening issues

  • Nonlinearity in the state variation of gas
  • Uncertainty in the control valve characteristics
  • Sensor noises

Engineering Application II

Development of power management strategy for electric vehicle

Schematic of an EV:


Maximize the energy stored in the batteries and auxilliary elements to extend the driving range as much as possible

Challenging issues

  • Dynamic characteristics of motors
  • Charging and discharging profile of batteries
  • Control implementation in DC/DC