Online Teaching through Feishu meeting

Feishu online teaching process :  

 1. Create a feishu chat group

 2. Share the QR code with Canvas

 3. Schedule a class meeting and invite this group to your meeting

 4. Share recordings with this group after class

 5. Download

Help document JI Feishu Help Document

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For Instructors

1 Before class

1.1 Login to Feishu Outside of China is called Lark

1.1.1 Login with Jaccount Click” Sign in with SSO”  Fill in “sjtu” Login with Jaccount

1.1.2 Login with Email / Phone number without SJTU Jaccount (Without jAccount) Open the Feishu, type your Phone Number or Email Address, select the two items in the figure below, and then click “Next”. Check your phone. Enter your 6-digit code sent to your phone into the box below. After entering Feishu, switch to SJTU in the lower left corner.


1.2 Create Class Group

Set up a group for class discussion (create class meetings)

1.2.1 Click ”New Group”

1.2.2 Create a chat group

1.3 Share group Barcode with Canvas

Open chat group “settings” and change the validity period, then share the class group barcode with canvas.


1.4 Schedule meeting from Calendar

Schedule and start meeting from the calendar


1.4.1 Switch to the calendar tab and click “+“

1.4.2  Configure meeting options

 *Invite the class group to this meeting,  anytime join the class group able to view the meeting

1.4.3  Configure automatic recording options

       Open the meeting and configure the recording options

1.5 Update English Name

1.5.1 Change Feishu language to English

1.5.2 Update Photo and English Name


2 In class

2.1  Start a meeting from the Calendar  by clicking “Start video meeting”

2.2 Share screen

If you want to share computer sound, mark ” share computer audio”

If it freezes when playing a video, mark “Optimize for video clips”


2.3 Interact with students


2.4 Confirm who can join the meeting


2.5 Conference Translation


2.6 Record meeting


2.7 Feishu minutes and translate


3 After class

3.1 Share meeting recording with the class group 

Share from 

Two kinds of sharing access right:  View and  Edit

 (1) View access right for only view

 (2) Edit access right for viewing and download


For Students

1 Before class

   1.1 Join the class group

Find the Feishu QR code on your canvas announcement, and then open the Feishu client to scan the QR code to join your class group.

   1.2 Join the meeting from the Calendar 

(1) Switch the calendar tab

(2) Open meeting event

(3) Click “Join video meeting”

1.3 Update English Name

1.3.1 Change Feishu language to English

1.3.2 Update Photo and English Name


2 In class

  (1)Unmute to talk   (2) Open Camera  (3)Ask questions.  


3 After class

 View the meeting recording link from the class chat group.

(1) Change minutes language

How to share meeting recordings with the class group