Undergraduate Courses

VM235: Thermodynamics (2021 Summer; 2022 Summer; 2023 Summer)

  • Introduction and miscellaneous concepts and definitions
  • Energy
  • Pure substance behaviors
  • Energy analysis of closed systems
  • Mass and energy analysis of control volumes
  • The second law of thermodynamics; The concept of entropy
  • Main applications: in power and refrigeration systems
  • Introduction of compressible flows, gas vapor mixture

VM432: Combustion (2021 Fall; 2023 Fall)

  • Modeling of chemical reaction rates and reaction mechanisms
  • Simplified models for chemical reactors with combined chemical and thermal analysis
  • Development of the conservation equations for reacting, multispecies flow
  • Propagation of laminar premixed combustion waves (detonations and deflagrations)
  • Physical and chemical effects on laminar, premixed flames (e.g., flame speed and thickness)
  • Structure of laminar diffusion flames and burning droplets
  • Time and spatial scales in turbulent flames
  • Structure and governing processes in turbulent flames

Graduate Courses

VM523: Computational Fluid Dynamics (2022 Fall; 2023 Fall)

  • Introduction of CFD: Why learning CFD? What is CFD? The impact of CFD
  • Governing equations: Derivation; Physical meaning of each term; Presentations of forms for CFD
  • Mathematical behaviors of PDE: Classification of PDE; General behavior of PDE of different classifications
  • Finite volume method for diffusion problems; Finite volume method for convection-diffusion problems
  • Pressure-velocity coupling in steady flows; Solution of discretized equation
  • Finite volume method for unsteady flows; Implementation of boundary conditions