Login Servers

  1. Login to JI server
    1. 你可以从https:// 下载新的VPN客户端,安装完毕并运行后,服务器地址一栏请填入https://
    2. 然后输入 VPN用户名:dezhi.zhou,即可正常登录VPN。
    1. vpn连接成功后,请ssh 访问cluster 地址10.11.11.2,用户名dezhi.zhou
  2. Login to JIM server
    username password Ip address for the server

    Server 1:

    Server 2:

    Server 3:



    1. dezhi_zhou已经加入sudo组
    2. 已禁止root用户远程ssh密码登陆,请勿更改策略。
    3. 所有SSD空间已经分配到根目录,所有HDD空间已经分配到data目录。
    4. 服务器目前配置为2SSD+3HDD, 2SSD 已做raid 0 , 3HDD 已做raid 5。 Raid 0 相比单SSD性能有较大提升,但是不提供数据冗余,请做好日常的数据备份
    5. 后台运行程序 nohup ./a.out
    6. 查看job:jobs
  3. access remote repository through SSH
    1. Generate SSH key by “ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “your email””
    2. I will produce a .pub file. You should copy the content in this file to the github website (find your account – setting – SSH key).
    3. eval `ssh-agent -s`
    4. Then “ssh-add fileName”, where the file is the one you produced in the previous step
    5. Then test with “ssh -T git@github.com”
    6. “git remote rm origin”
    7. “git remote add origin link”, where you can copy the link in the repisitory on the github website (the SSH link).
  4. Notes on install OF in Siyuan HPC
    1. Source this before compling or running OF on hpc:
      #module load python #may need when compling, no need in running
      module load intel-oneapi-mpi/2021.6.0 #better specify a fixed version
      module load intel-oneapi-compilers/2022.2.1  
      export CPATH=$CPATH:/dssg/home/acct-umjzdz/umjzdz-zzw/.conda/envs/cantera_OF/include #may need when compiling
      source $HOME/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-6/etc/bashrc
    2. Change the etc/bashrc configuration to ‘ICC’ as compiler and ‘INTELMPI’ as mpi,
      in etc/bashrc, add export MPI_ROOT=$I_MPI_ROOT
    3. In etc/config.sh/compiler, add      
              export WM_CC=’icc’
              export WM_CXX=’icpc’
      after the setting of Clang
    4. If show UCX error when using mutiple nodes, please add this to your slurm script: export UCX_NET_DEVICES=mlx5_0:1