Radiation in FlameMaster

Radiation in FlameMaster

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SootRadiation in the .input files should always be FALSE no matter turning on or turning off radiation.

Turn Off Radiation (for adiabatic upper branch)

Set WithRadiation to be FALSE

Turn On Radiation

Set WithRadiation to be TRUE. The optically thin gray gas model is used in FlameMaster.

In TCountDiffFlameMix.C:

(1) In jklew branch (probably also the suoy branch): specify the amount of radiation by set SetRadAmt in line 884. The range is from 0 to 1 (i.e., 100%), then flameNode->radiation[kCurr] will get its value from the WithRadiation flag.

(2) In master branch, need to play with RadFact, but the details are unclear (Prof. Yang could help ask if necessary).