Student President: Hao Zhang 张淏

I am a senior student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am interested in computational methods in energy and fluids. In spare time, I enjoy fishing, music, and hiking.

The immortal rule can not be told.


Student Leader: Jin Zhu 朱晋

Hi, I am ZHU jin, currently a master student @JI. I am interested in bacteria swimming.

Tomorrow’s just another day.


Student Leader: Yidi Huang 黄昳頔

Hi! I am Yidi, a senior student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. My research interest is non-Newtonian fluids and bacteria swimming. 


Student Leader: Xingqun Gao 高星群

I am a junior student majoring in Mechanical Engineering.


Faculty Advisor: Prof. Jaehyung Ju

Jaehyung Ju is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute.  He has been elected as ASME Fellow in 2023, and became an Associate Editor of ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology.


Staff Advisor: Jianrong Xiao 肖建荣


Former Leaders

  • Yongqi Zheng 郑永琪: Jun 2023 – Sep 2023
  • Lingchun Yan 严令淳: Jun 2023 – Sep 2023