Postdoc and Visiting Scholar


Name Research Topic Highlight Placement

Dr. Li, Long

李龙 博士

Electron-phonon coupling and transport


Postdoc at Southern University of Science and Technology


Dr. Dong, Lan

董岚 博士

Thermal measurement  

NSFC Young Scientist Program 在站期间获得国家自然科学基金青年项目资助

Shanghai Polytechnic University


Dr. Luo Zhouyang

骆周扬 博士 (在职)

Solar desalination


Zhejiang Energy Group





Student Research Topic Highlight Placement
Ph.D. 博士毕业生      

Shao, Cheng (邵成)

Ph.D, 2013-2018

Thermal Transport in Nanomaterials and across Interfaces from Molecular Dynamics Simulations

National Scholarship

CSC Visiting Student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

University of Tokyo


Xie, Han (谢涵)

Ph.D, 2013-2018

First-principles prediction of lattice thermal conductivity of silicene and semiconductors National Scholarship; Shanghai outstanding graduate student; AMD scholarship; Koguan Scholarship



Zahiri, Saeid

Ph.D, 2014-2018

Investigation of Micro-Nanoscale Heat Conduction Problems by Numerical Solution of Phonon Boltzmann Transport Equation

CSC Scholarship Payco industrial company in Iran

Tong, Zhen(童贞)

Ph.D, 2014-2019

First-principles prediction of mid-infrared emissivity and thermal conductivity of solid materials

National Scholarship

CSC visiting student at Purdue University

Koguan Scholarship

Shenzhen JL Computational Science and Applied Research Institute


Shouhang, Li (李寿航)

Ph.D, 2016-2021

First-Principles Analysis of Electron and Phonon Thermal Transport in Metals and Semiconductors

National Scholarship

Shanghai outstanding graduate student

Second prize of National Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling

KLA-Tencor Scholarship

Ya Dong Scholarship

Donghua University


M.S. 硕士毕业生      

Yan, Chen (闫晨) 

M.S., 2014-2017

Double-layer nanoparticle-based coating for efficient terrestrial radiative cooling

2017 Outstanding Graduate of SJTU

Ford Motor Company


Ying, Xiaoyuan (应晓园)

M.S., 2015-2018

Design and optimization of thermoelectric cooling system under natural convection 2016 Outstanding student party member

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.(Shanghai)


Zhao, Shuaishuai (赵帅帅)

M.S., 2015-2018

Heat transfer in multi-scale porous media and composite materials

2015 “Yuliming” scholarship

Hangzhou Hikvision Co., Ltd.   海康威视

Rong, Qingyuan (容清员)

M.S., 2016-2019

Numerical Studies of Heat Conduction in Low-Dimensional Materials and Composites for Electronics Cooling Applications 2017 National Scholarship
2019 Outstanding Graduate of SJTU
Cambricon Co. Ltd.

Liu, Chenyang (刘晨阳)

M.S. 2016-2020

Investigation of the dew yield by a hydrophilic radiative cooler in humid weather  

Bank of Communications


Yan Jiahao(严嘉豪)


Investigation of thermal transport in doped semiconductors and alloys by first-principles simulation and Bayesian optimization 2019  KLA-Tencor Scholarship

YITU Technologies (Shanghai)


Shi, Jincheng(石劲成)

M.S., 2018-2021

Interfacial solar-thermal conversion 2019 Outstanding student of SJTU

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)



Graduate Research Assistent

Li, Yuanhao, visiting student from CMU, Topic: Wavepacket method for phonon transport

Shi, Yucheng, M.S. student from University of Chicago, Topic: GPU accelerated numerical soluation of BTE

Undergraduate Research Assistent

Luo, Shirui / ME Interfacial Thermal Transport, 2012-2013 Co-author of a conference paper. After graduation: Ph.D. at University of Notre Dame

Lou, Minhan /JI Nanophotonics, 2012-2013 Co-author of two journal papers and a conference paper (first author) After graduation: Ph.D. at Rice University

Yu, Li /JI Python Programming, 2013 Now: M.S. at UCSD

Xiao, Tingben/JI Thermal transport under laser heating, 2013 After graduation: M.S. at University of Buffalo

Cai, Yuannan / ECE (IPP) Optical properties of graphitic petals, 2013-2014 Co-author of a journal paper. After graduation: M.S. at Columbia University

Ji, Yuzhong / ECE (IPP) Opto-electrical coupled simulation of nanostructured solar cell device, 2013-2014 Co-author of a journal paper. After graduation: M.S. at Columbia University

Gu, Ruowei / JI Nanoparticle thin film fabrication, 2014 After graduation: M.S. at University of Pittsburgh

Liang, Shucheng / JI Solar thermal converter, 2014

Liu, Meng / ME Finite element thermal simulation of composite materials, 2015 Co-author of a journal paper

Rong, Qingyuan / ME (IPP) Molecular dynamics simulation of heat transfer across material interfaces, 2015-2016 After graduation: M.S. in our group

Liu, Chenyang / JI (Vm490)  Heat transfer across metal-nonmetal interfaces, 2015-2016 After graduation: Ph.D in our group

Chen, Jin/JI (Vm490) Electronics Cooling, 2016. After graduation: M.S. at University of Michigan

Song, Jieming/JI (Ve490) Numerical Solution of BTE, 2016 Co-author of a conference paper. After graduation: M.S. at USC.

Chen, Shenlin/JI (Vm490) Lattice Boltmzann Method, 2016. After graduation: M.S. at KTH

Xie, Fuman/JI (Ve490) Anharmonic Lattice Dynamics, 2017.

Zuo, Jiaqi/JI (Ve490) Hybrid Solution of BTE, 2017.

Zhang, Shengnan/JI (Vm490)  Thermoelectric water condensation, 2018

Ren, Liliang/JI (Ve490) Thermoelectric water condensation, 2018

Lu, Changqing/JI Vm490    Topic: Phonon transport in porous media

Wu, Yizhou/JI Vm490    Topic: Radiative Cooling

Fang, Xiaozhu/JI Topic: Phonon BTE

Cai, Yide Vm490 Topic: machine learning for porous media

Yang, Ruimin Vm490 Topic: radiative cooling 2018

Zhang, Xinyu Vm490 Topic: heat transfer in composite materials 2018-2019

Wu, Ziyou Topic: 3D finite volume method

Liu, Zhejun Vm490 Topic: solar desalination 2019-2020

Gong, Chun Vm490 Topic: phonon non-equilibrium transport 2019-2020

Han, Xinyue Topic: GPU accelerated numerical soluation of BTE

Shen, Yiming  Ve490 Topic: numerical solution of phonon BTE