Artifact 1: Photo Essay

Artifact introduction

The Photo Essay depicts the Soviet Union’s influence on North Korea during the Korean War. The Photo Essay is separated into four sections and follows a chronological order. The First image illustrates life in North Korea during post WW2 and early 1950s. North Korea is underdeveloped because many of its resources have been exploited by the Japanese during imperialism. North
Korea’s economy mainly relied on agriculture and farming methods and needed support from neighboring superpowers. With the help of the Soviet Union, North Korea benefited both financially and militarily. The Soviet Union became a major ally of North Korea. During Korean War, The Communist superpower aided North Korea with medical supplies and fighter jets shown in photos 2 and 3. The last photo illustrates the effect of the Korean War on Sino-Russian relations. The Korean War worsened the relationship between Communist Allies and led to more tension. Thus, the photo essay illustrates Soviet Union’s dominance during the 20th century.


Park, Hong-Kyu. “American Involvement in the Korean War.” The History Teacher 16, no. 2 (1983): 249–63.