Artifact 2

Artifact 2: Record of the National Conference at April 5th, 1930

April 5th, 1930

To answer the quest of several Soviet journalists, several intense discussions are held headed by Premier Stalin. Multiple anonymous journalisms have asked permission to establish a new newspaper series, which claims that it would be the Marxist version of the western world’s “Science”. Our answer to it is a full rejection.
“Science” has been a tool under the capitalists to spread manipulative information and then claim to be scientific and the center of important scientific discovery since 1880. The world can not be more Eurocentric, or “capitalist-centric”. Learning from the past history of imperialism, science has been used by the European capitalists for exploitation. Social Darwinism is greatly proposed by them, while capitalists declare it scientific, which only turns out to be immorally degrading to the workers, who have been oppressed by the capitalists for the labor force for centuries. Therefore, it is reasonable that the Soviet Union would not mimic this Western journal. Instead, Premier Stalin has expressed the opinion of proposing the Soviet Union’s own, original, and communist journal. The journal would expand around Socialist Realism and would aim to foster the communist mind of the general public, for the greater future of all the workers within the nation, to keep them away from the corrupting information but absorb the correct ones. Further details would be announced soon.

Provided by Helen Chen 10-11

Artifact introduction

Author: Soviet Union government
Date: April 5th, 1930
This governmental article recorded the Soviet government’s attitude towards the request of private journalists’ request to host a new newspaper series.