Battery imaging

Imaging techniques are decisive in battery material analysis and battery failure diagnosis. Our group focuses on imaging techniques of multi-length scales to understand the major problems, including interface stability and dendrite growth, in all-solid-state lithium/sodium/magnesium metal batteries. At this moment, we have used photoacoustic imaging (micro-scale), nano-CT (sub-micron scale), and electron microscopies/synchrotron-based X-ray (nano-scale) to analyze electrode/electrolyte interphase evolution and dendrite growth routes. We also elaborate on the relationship between material microstructure and battery performance via quantitative structural information obtained from imaging.


  • Liu, H., Y. Zhao, J. Zhou, P. Li, S. H. Bo, and S. L. Chen (2020). “Photoacoustic imaging of lithium metal batteries.” ACS Applied Energy Materials 3(2), 1260-1264.  (Cover Paper)